About Me

Hi, I’m very happy that you dropped by my site today. Whether you are looking for advice on dating or relationships my aim is to provide you with plenty of content to give you the answers you are looking for.

I was born in Enfield, North London and have lived in the same area for much of my life. My interests include art, music, cooking healthy food, reading and travel. I am also an artist and drawing is something I enjoy doing, but don’t get so much time these days.

After leaving college I studied graphic design and gained a bachelor of arts degree..Then after working for some time in a design studio I decided to have a massive change in direction and went on a hairdressing course. I have since been working as a mobile hairdresser visiting customers in their own homes.

I enjoy working for myself and find that being a hairdresser is a bit like being a therapist! People often tell you secrets that they wouldn’t tell their best friend, much of which is about their health or relationship problems

Discussing their problems has given me an insight into issues that can arise in relationships, and that combined with my own personal experiences has given me empathy towards people who suffer problems in their relationship.

I love writing and created this site to help you not only improve your relationship, but also fix it if things have broken down, plus help you through the hard time of coming to terms with a relationship that can’t be mended. Knowing when to give up and if there is still a chance is something that’s not always easy to tell.

I will also be posting articles giving advice on dating. This will include going back on the dating scene after a long term relationship has ended.

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I hope you enjoy your visit to my site and that you will come back again,

Kathy Joyce