Are You An Older Woman Dating A Younger Man?

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cougar datingIf you are an older woman dating a younger man you are certainly not in the minority. women live longer, society has changed over the past few decades. The majority of women today are financially independent and don’t require a man to keep them. Whereas years ago a woman would look for an older man who was established in his career and financially stable.

More older women are now on the singles sceneThis was essential to provide a comfortable lifestyle for her and her children . In today’s world many women are financially independent and lots have carved out very successful careers for themselves. So if you are an older woman dating a man much younger than yourself, you are part of a growing trend.

Divorce has become more commonplace and many women approaching middle age are back on the singles scene. These women are confident, attractive and often young looking for their years. Women are more inclined to take care of themselves and plenty of women in their 40s, 50s and even 60s have youthful long hair, and wear make up that enhances their looks. Long gone are the days when a woman over 40 stopped buying fashionable clothes and began to resemble her mum!

Older guys can sometimes be less adventurous.

Men on the other hand are more inclined to opt for comfort, and some older guys are not so into caring for their hair and skin as women are. Older guys can sometimes lose their spirit of adventure, where as today’s older woman often yearns for fun and excitement.

Younger guys can find an older woman more attractive than those in their own age group. Young women in their 20s can sometimes be immature and lack the experience of an older woman. In some cases a woman in her 40s may seem a decade or more younger than she really is.

Less available older menA younger guy may be attracted to an older woman by her experience, warmth and wisdom. An older woman dating a younger guy may be drawn to his energy and spirit.

Single older ladies can find a hard time finding men there own age. There are
not so many men available after age 50, and many of them that are single are dating younger women. You may also find that some men in their 50s and older may not be in such good health and less inclined to look after themselves. Of course this isn’t always the case, and there are many attractive and adventurous guys in there 50s.

What if your friends and family are against you dating a younger man?

You will find that some of your friends and family may be against the idea of you dating a much younger guy, but at the end of the day it’s your life and happiness that is more important,

So what is acceptable? Celebrity Joan Collins is happily married to Percy Gibson who is 30 years younger than her. This is the extreme end though, but many women happily date guys 10 or 15 years their junior.An older woman dating younger man may seem disgusting to some people. Although it may be more common today, there are many people who find it hard to accept. If the age gap is greater than a decade, you may even have grown up kids who are not that much younger than he is.

As long as you have shared interests and values then age doesn’t have to be an issue. Many women find that younger guys are also less inclined to be set in their ways, and more open to adventure. They are also less inclined to have set ideas of what they expect from a partner. Some guys find that older women are more nurturing and if they have kids from a previous relationship they may form a close bond as both a mentor and friend.

What if he wants children?

A question often asked by an older woman dating a younger man is what if he wants kids? Men can have children way into their 60s and 70s, as long as they have a healthy sperm count. However a woman’s childbearing age will probably end in her 40s or even younger. If your younger date talks about wanting children some day, and your relationship becomes serious, you will have to discuss this issue in great depth.

The chances are if you already have a couple of teenage children you will be unlikely to want to start all over again with a new baby. So what can you do? Well if you don’t want any more kids, and are already in your 40s you will have to make this very clear to him. If he is in love with you, he may decide that he would rather be with you, and miss out on having his own children. This may work for a time, but you may have to be prepared for a time in the future when he could change his mind and even find a younger woman to have his kids with. Of course there are many men who don’t want kids, and for them this won’t be an issue.

What if you want his kids but are too old?

If the relationship becomes serious and you want to have his children what are the options? Well you could always consider IVF treatment which can be expensive and isn’t guaranteed to work, or alternatively you may decide to adopt. You could also consider surrogacy, since your younger partner will be the biological father.

Every relationship is different and providing you love each other many of the obstacles you may face as a large age gap couple can be overcome. So if you are an older woman dating a younger man, don’t be put off by well meaning friends. Do what you feel is right for you. Life is to short!

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