Bringing Your Russian Bride Home

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your lovely russian brideYou’ve found a beautiful Russian woman who you’ve asked to marry. She said yes, and now you want to take your Russian fiance home to your country. What are the steps involved and what are the laws of immigration?

Immigration laws

What are the immigration laws and how long will it take to get your fiance into your country? The laws vary, but in the USA you have the option of either a K1 Fiancee visa, or a K3 Spouse visa. The process in getting your bride home with you in the USA is a lengthy one.

Be prepared to wait. It can take between 4 to 6 months depending on where you live and will cost you money. Expect to pay a $340 application fee, with further costs for a medical examination and an interview.

Should we marry in her country?

Many men who want to marry their Russian or Ukrainian woman ask if they should marry her in her own country or in their country. If you marry in Russia the marriage laws of that country will apply. You will also need to get an Alien Relative Visa. This will allow your bride to gain US residency. Be prepared to go through vigorous investigations to prove that your relationship is genuine.

A good idea may be to bring your bride back to the USA and get married during a 3 month visitation period. You will need to get a temporary visa which will allow her to visit you for up to 90 days. This gives you chance to find out if the relationship will work and if your Russian bride will adapt to the culture and way of life in your country.

It’s important that you get to know her properly before even considering marriage. You will be required to have visited your Russian fiancee in her home country and you will need to attend several interviews. If you don’t get married during this 3 month period, your Russian sweetheart will have to return home. It could then become much harder to get another fiancee visa.

Get to know her family

If you are considering marrying a Russian woman you are advised to get to know her family first. Russian women are very devoted to their families and she will want the approval of her parents. Spend time with them and get to know their culture. It’s so important that the family like you as Russian women have very close family ties. Understanding her background and culture will help strengthen your relationship.

Be wary of scams..

In Russia women outnumber men, and in a country where marriage is a big part of the culture many women seek foreign husbands. A Russian woman’s wages are considerably less than a man’s, so marriage is a way to ensure financial security. Western wages are far higher than in Eastern European countries so you have to be certain that your Russian bride is not just using you for financial gain.

It could be heartbreaking to get her home and then find out she is only interested in your bank balance! If you have met your Russian lady online look out for obvious signs in your correspondence with her. For example if she never asks you about your job or your hobbies, and never seems to answer your questions about her then watch out! She may be sending the same emails out to hundreds of other men!

Give your Russian bride time to settle in to her new home

Your new bride is making a big sacrifice by leaving her family and her home country. She may be feeling homesick for quite a while and will need lots of support. She will have to adapt to your way of life which is so different from what she has been used to in Russia. Little everyday things that you take for granted may be strange and unusual for her.

She may have learnt English at school, but the American accent and some of the slang phrases will be hard for her to understand. Over time she will make new friends and her life with you will become happier and fulfilled.

Learn to speak her language

Even though your beautiful Russian bride is settling very well into your country and her English is good, you must learn to speak her language. There are plenty of online language courses or you could buy books and software and study at your own pace. You will understand each other better as no matter how high her standard of English is she will still find words and phrases that she doesn’t understand and can’t translate. You may also find that her parents and grand parents don’t speak any English at all.

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