Christian Dating Advice For Women

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christian datingWhen it comes to dating, Christian singles can often be confused or worry whether or not they’re doing the right thing to honour God.

The best Christian dating advice for women is to not feel pressurised into doing anything they feel is against their beliefs. Don’t lower your standards just to please a guy. He will have far more respect for you if you stick to your beliefs of no sex before marriage.

As a Christian woman you may feel that you only want to date other Christians. Your church is one way to meet those of the same faith. Attending bible study classes or other events organised by your church are great places to meet like minded people.

Meeting Christians online

Christian online dating is another great way to meet fellow Christians outside of the church. Some years ago it was advised for a Christian woman to avoid looking for men to date, but just wait until God sends you his chosen soulmate for you. Christian dating sites have revolutionised the way a woman of that faith can find suitable men to date.
There are many dating sites that cater for Christians and most let you sign up as a free member. This allows you to view member profiles before upgrading to a paid membership. You will be required to fill out a membership form which will give you chance to describe your beliefs as well as your interests and the type of guy you are looking for.

Take your time

christian datingTake your time getting to know your potential dates before you meet them. Do they share the same values as you? Are they genuine? Use video chat to meet up virtually.

Hearing a voice and seeing your potential date will help you decide if he is right for you. Share photos of family and friends to help build up a picture of their life.

Discuss your faith and talk about favourite passages in the bible. Ask him what his relationship to God means to him.

Start out as friends

When you meet up for the first time make sure it’s in a public place. The best advice is to start out as friends – no matter what. Remember that the man you are dating could be destined to someone else. In today’s world there is a lot of pressure to move much too fast. The longer you maintain your friendship, the better off you will be when and if you decide to get married.

Should you kiss?

There are some Christians who say don’t kiss unless you’re engaged to be married. There are divided opinions on this, and if you follow Christian principles you are told not to kiss preferably until you are married.

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Honouring your body is an important part of being Christian. Kissing, especially in the early stages of dating can arouse your body and give you powerful tempting urges to take it further. Saving yourself until you are married will make it all the more special.

A guy won’t respect you for having sex with him, and it certainly won’t make him commit to you. A man can have sex with a woman without having any feelings for her. He may be lying in bed with you but his mind may be on someone else. If a guy has true feelings for you then he will wait until you are married.

Double dates

Going on a double date will not only be a lot of fun but will also distract you from tempting physical issues. Cultural based dates such as a trip to an art gallery or museum will get you both focusing your on your mind and intellect. It will help to make him see the real you and not just your physical body. Always dress in a fairly conservative way on your first few dates. Avoid wearing short skirts or revealing tops that show too much flesh.

Should you date a non Christian guy?

What happens if you meet a non Christian guy and want to date him? This can be a real predicament for a Christian woman. If he doesn’t share the same faith should she get involved with him?  The answer really depends on the individual. Just because he doesn’t attend church with you shouldn’t be a barrier to happiness. Many people have Christian values but don’t pray to God in church.

If you share the same interests and enjoy doing the same things together then it may work out. You may find yourself sharing both Christian and non Christians in your circle of friends, but as long as he believes in God and is a good and caring man you may end up having a long and very happy relationship. Many men who marry Christian women end up finding God and become Christians themselves.

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