Dating Advice For Women Over 40

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women dating over 40You’re single and approaching that dreaded milestone.. Yes the big 40! Maybe you have just come out of a long term relationship, or maybe you just haven’t met the right man yet. Whatever the reason you want dating advice for women over 40.

Women in this age group are vastly different from their parents and grand parents generation. They are vibrant, full of energy and in their prime. Many are divorced and have kids from a previous relationship, and certainly aren’t ready to fade into the background.

But where can you meet a man once you are over 40?

Look at your lifestyle. Do you meet new people at work? Do you have a large circle of friends? Do you travel much? Do you go to church? If you answered no to some or all of them then you seriously need to consider online dating. I know it may sound scary to some women, but with a bit of commonsense and a brilliant dating profile, you can meet some very interesting and attractive guys.

Many couples meet through online dating sites and enjoy long term happiness together. Anyone over age 40 can remember a time when the idea of meeting someone through a dating agency or internet site was frowned upon. You were seen as desperate, or some sort of social reject. Fortunately all that has changed and most of us know someone who is using online dating.

Yes you can wait to meet someone through friends or at work, but unless you have plenty of friends who know lots of single guys then you may be waiting a long time. There is also no guarantee that you will find someone who shares your interests and values.

What are your dating and relationship goals?

The best dating advice for women over 40 is to sit down and really think about the sort of relationship you are looking for. In your 20s and 30s you are probably looking for a guy to settle down and have kids with. By the time you are in your 40s you may already have children and don’t want to extend your family. Your relationship goals are different. You may just want someone to travel with and have fun.

What sort of guy do you want to attract?You may not be thinking about marriage but still want something long term. A woman who has spent years furthering her career and stayed single may now be looking for love in her late 30s and 40s. She has achieved her career goals and is financially well off, but lacks that special someone in her life. She may even want to start a family in her early 40s. So you see, there are a variety of dating goals for women over 40.

This may sound an odd question to ask, but you need to visualise the type of guy you want to meet. Is he tall, does he have kids? Does he love animals? Is he adventurous? Does he love travel? This is important as you need to have a clear idea of who you want to meet. If you join an online dating site you will be required to create a profile. This includes all about you, plus the type of man you are looking for. So really give this some serious thought. Many women approaching middle age prefer to date younger men. This is a growing trend

Work on your self esteem.

If you are a woman over 40 and single you will probably have some past relationships. Some break ups are friendly and amicable, whereas others can be difficult and leave you with low self esteem. It can take ages to feel good about yourself again, and you may think that you will never meet another guy, or that you aren’t good enough.

confident womanFirstly don’t even consider dating until you have worked on improving your self esteem. Take a piece of paper and write down all your skills and achievements. Write down all your good points.

You may be kind hearted, patient, honest, willing to listen to others, and generous. These are qualities you may be overlooking, and instead be focusing on the negative or what nonsense you have been fed in the past.

Get friends and family to help you with this exercise as they will probably be able to add to the list of good points.

Give yourself a makeover. Get a new hairstyle, and revamp your make up and wardrobe. Be proud of who you are and practice smiling in front of the mirror. Enrol in a new course which can help boost your career options, or simply take up a hobby you have always wanted to do. Painting, dancing, or how about learn a new language? So what does this have to do with dating advice you ask. Well a woman who is interesting and has plenty to talk about will attract more guys.

What if you’ve been out of the dating scene for some time?

If you have come out of a long term relationship, and haven’t been on a date since you were in your twenties then you will feel nervous and unsure of what to expect.

Dating has changed beyond recognition over the past 20 or so years. Whereas 20 years ago a man was expected to pay for you on a date, nowadays it’s very different. Most women work, and many have good well paid jobs. Some earn considerably more than their male colleagues.

Women are no longer expected to be the ones who ask for their dates phone number. Many modern women are much more likely to ask for a man’s contact details.

However if you are dating an older man then he may still expect to pay for you. The best dating advice for women over 40 is just relax and not worry too much about what is expected. Enjoy the date and have fun. If you like each other then chances are you will stop worrying as you will be so absorbed in each other’s company.

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