Dating Tips For Shy Guys

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shy guyIf you are looking for dating tips for shy guys then hopefully this article will help you.┬áBeing shy doesn’t make you weak. Even very strong and successful men can be shy around women. Some women prefer a guy who is a bit shy and sensitive, to those who are more macho and full of confidence.

It’s common for shy guys to be afraid of approaching a girl they like. You see a beautiful woman that’s the girl of your dreams and feel unable to speak. You can’t even look straight at her and find yourself looking nervously down at your feet. The opportunity to talk to her has gone, and you feel downhearted.

how to overcome low self esteem

Shyness is often a result of low self esteem, and lack of confidence. You feel that no girl is going to give you a second glance, and you end up projecting negative energy which can stop girls from approaching you. You may appear to be stuck up and unfriendly, even though it’s just shyness. So how can you overcome low self esteem?

Firstly you need to change the way you think about yourself. Get a pen and paper and write down all your achievements, no matter how small. Then write down all your good qualities,

This could be patience, listening skills, kindness, and sensitivity. Just this one simple task will make you realise that you have a lot to offer.

Practise looking in the mirror each day and practice smiling. Talk to yourself and say how great you feel. This generates a positive energy and boosts your self esteem. Of course only do this when you are on your own!

Why you fear rejection and how to overcome it

The hardest thing to do if you are a shy guy is to overcome your fear of rejection. If you see a beautiful girl in a bar and she is surrounded by her friends, a common fear is that if this girl rejects you, all her friends will laugh at you.
In reality the girl you fancy may be equally nervous and shy. Her friends give her support and if they smile or giggle, just smile back. Confidence comes with age and experience.

Practice making eye contact to girls you see every day, such as in college, work, or even on the bus. Make sure you smile as well and then look away. This exercise will seem very hard at first, but after a while it will become easier and more natural. After a time you could try saying hello and even start a conversation.

Limiting self beliefs can hold you back and stop you from achieving so much. By practicing the exercises I showed you it’s possible to become more confident around girls. It won’t happen overnight but will be a gradual change.

Where to meet girls if you are shy

If you are shy at meeting girls, the worst places to go are bars and nightclubs. You will feel very self conscious and awkward. There is a lot of pressure in chatting up girls in such places and you will have competition from other more confident guys.

My advice is to join a club where you will meet people with similar interests to you. You will find that conversation is natural as you aren’t there just to chat girls up. You will feel more confident and conversation will be easy as you have so much in common. You could also take up a sport, or even do voluntary work. These activities will boost your self esteem and you may meet the girl of your dreams at the same time.

Signs she likes you

What to say to her. If you meet a girl and get the courage to chat to her, how can you tell if she likes you? You can tell a lot by her body language. If she touches your arm when you’re talking then this is a good sign. Also if she stands or sits close.

Look at her eyes. If her pupils are dilated when she looks at you this is a sign she fancies you! If this is a girl you have seen around for a while and she always seems to sit near you, then she may have been trying to get your attention.

People love to talk about themselves, so ask her questions that aren’t too personal. What is her favourite colour? What is her favourite film? What music does she like? Pay her a compliment. Women love compliments and will be flattered that you noticed. find something that you like whether it’s her perfume, her clothes or her sense of humour and say something nice about it. She’ll be able to relax because she’ll be less worried about impressing you.

Where to take her on the first date

Coffee shops, or intimate restaurants are a good first date idea. you will both be able to relax and talk to each other. You could take her to a movie and then a coffee shop afterwards. You can then share your experiences of the film and get to know her as well. Do something fun together. Go for a walk along the beach, or in the park. Take a picnic with you.

Is she ready for that first kiss?

You may feel awkward at the end of the date, not knowing if you should kiss her or not. Look at her eyes and the way she is with you. If she is reluctant to part, and lingers near you then be bold and kiss her. If she responds then you are fine, however if she pulls away don’t worry or feel embarrassed. Be patient and see if she wants to date you again.

If she is obviously not interested in a second date then just move on. It was nothing you did wrong so don’t lose confidence again. There are lots of girls out there who would love a date with you. Keep feeding yourself positive thoughts and learn to love yourself. You will soon find that you will start to attract women like a magnet!

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