How To Feel Confident Dating With Makeovers For Women Over 50

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mature women make upIf you are over 50 and entering the dating scene after decades of being married you may be lacking confidence. Treating yourself to a makeover will boost your self esteem and make you feel good about yourself.

hairstyles for women over 50

Part of giving yourself a makeover includes revamping your hairstyle. This can do wonders for your self esteem and make you feel sexy and ready to date again.

If you’ve had the same hairstyle for years then it may be time for a change. Some women find that their hair starts to get thinner as they get older. This often happens around the menopause.

Softer chin length hairstyles that frame the face can be very flattering and make fine hair look thicker especially if cut into long layers. If you’re lucky enough to have thick hair try a shoulder length bob. If you’re hair is going grey try some soft highlights, or pick a mid blonde or auburn colour. Dark colours are less flattering as you get older so go for lighter shades.

fashions for women over 50

If you are entering the dating scene again, giving your wardrobe a makeover will help to make you feel more confident. It’s all to easy if you’ve been in a long term relationship for many decades to get into a fashion rut. You may have been putting others around you first for a long time, and now you need to think about yourself for a change.

Take a close friend or family member shopping with you for advice. Look through fashion magazines to get some idea of what you like. It can be daunting browsing through stores if you’re not sure what you’re looking for or what you feel would look right on you.

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Figure hugging jeans are fine as long as you haven’t put on too many pounds around the middle. Just because you’re over 50 doesn’t mean you suddenly have to start wearing frumpy elasticated clothes.

Opt for tailored jackets and accesorize with some eye catching chunky jewellery. Wear an elegant pair of high heel shoes to finish off the look.

Tailored jeans and high heels can look sexy at any age. Remember that just because you’re over 50 doesn’t mean that you have to look frumpy.

makeup tips for women over 50

Make up in your 50s should be different from that in your 20s and 30s. Heavy eye make up can look pretty and flattering if you are young, however it can look aging and unattractive on a more mature woman.

Wear soft pastel shades and use a brush to soften the edges. Emphasise your eyelashes by using an eye lash curler and apply a light coating of mascara.

You can also use a kohl eyeliner to outline the outer corners of the eyes. Use a light mineral foundation to minimise the appearance of wrinkles. Go for a bright fuschia or red lipstick and use a darker shade lip pencil to outline your lips making them look fuller.

skin care for women over 50

Many women in their 50s start to notice sagging skin and a few wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Skin can be dry and a good quality skin cream is recommended. Drinking plenty of water can help to keep the skin hydrated and flush out harmful toxins. Exfoliate your skin about twice a week. This will slough off dead cells and give the skin a healthy glow.

Eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg especially dark green vegetables as these are full of antioxidants. These nutrients destroy free radicals which are known to damage collagen. If you are a smoker you are damaging your skin and encouraging fine lines around the mouth and eyes. Either cut back or give up completely if you can.

Drinking excessive alcohol is also bad for the skin, so the occasional glass of wine is ok, but in moderation. One of the most important ways to keep your skin youthful and healthy is to stay out of the sun. Wear a sun hat when the sun’s rays are at their strongest and apply a quality sun cream with a SPF of at least 15.

boost your self esteem

boosting your self esteem is an important part of your makeover. It’s common for divorced women over 50 to feel depressed and it can be harder for them to move on with their lives. If you have broken up with a partner or are recently divorced or widowed then you are probably in need of a confidence boost. Take up a new interest. Resist the urge to just stay indoors and watch tv.

You need to get out and socialise. You may be feeling negative about yourself and dwelling on what you’ve failed to achieve, or imagining yourself to be dull and uninteresting. Banish these self limiting beliefs and change the way you think. Focus on your good qualities and what you have achieved no matter how small. Feeling positive about yourself will give out positive energy, and this is a very attractive quality. There a many books and dvds to help you gain confidence.

You will find plenty of dating sites that cater for older women. Enjoy yourself and have fun.

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