How To Confront A Cheating Boyfriend

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catching a cheating boyfriend in a barDo you want to know how to confront a cheating boyfriend? Read this article to discover how to find out if he’s cheating and how to approach him. If you suspect your boyfriend is cheating the first thing you should do is to get evidence before you even think of confronting him.

Firstly think about what has made you suspicious. Does he come home late? Have friends told you they have seen him with another girl? Is he moody?

Other reasons why he may be acting suspiciously.

Sometimes there are other reasons why a guy behaves oddly. He could be depressed about something. It could be work related, he may have a health worry, or he may be lacking self esteem. Any of these reasons could be making him quiet and moody. Maybe he feels unfulfilled in some way and is frustrated. Some guys aren’t always good at talking about feelings and keep them hidden.

It’s easy to see this type of behaviour as a sign he is falling out of love with you, especially if he’s usually so loving and attentive.

Getting evidence that he’s cheating

If friends have mentioned that he’s been seen with another girl then you have some evidence to go on. However even this could be completely innocent. Going through his emails and checking phone messages is another way to look for any signs he may be cheating on you. Bear in mind though that this is invading his privacy, and you should be very careful if you decide to do this.

Admitting you found emails from another woman shows you don’t trust him. Once he knows you’ve been spying on him he may become very guarded. If he finds out you’ve been looking through his private stuff, and you’ve found no evidence to suggest he is cheating then you’ve lost his trust anyway.

If you live together you could wait until he goes out and then look through his jacket pockets, his briefcase, wallet, or desk drawers for any papers or photos that show he is seeing another woman. Make sure he is going out for a while as you don’t want to be caught red handed! Providing you put everything back as you found it you should be ok. (Treat anything you’ve found as strictly confidential. Keep it to yourself and don’t let any information go further than yourself. This is his personal stuff, so treat it with respect.)

How to catch your boyfriend cheating

Men are most likely to cheat with someone they know. It could be a co worker, neighbour, mutual friend, or just someone he sees every day. If you have evidence to suggest he is seeing a woman behind your back you could devise a plan to catch him out. If it’s a co worker you could surprise him with an unannounced visit to his work place.

If she’s a neighbour you could watch his movements and see if he goes into her house regularly. If you live together this is easy, if you don’t you will need to stake out somewhere nearby. Don’t take your car as he will recognise it. Instead try and get the help of a friend or family member to drive you there. Park a little way from the house and just wait and see if he goes into his neighbour’s house. This could take some time so you and your friend will need to be patient.

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If your boyfriend is cheating with a mutual friend, you will feel betrayed by both your boyfriend and your friend. If you suspect this is happening you could simply ask other friends of your mutual friend if they know anything. Of course they may deny it if they are covering up for him. Checking his phone messages is the best way of finding any evidence in this situation.

If you suspect your boyfriend is cheating you could check his Facebook account for evidence. Of course you will need his password to log on, and as I mentioned earlier this is very risky. If he realises that you’ve been spying on his Facebook account, or anywhere else online, he may see you as being needy, and not able to trust him. As a result he may break up with you.

What to say to a cheating boyfriend

If it’s definite that he’s been cheating then you have to decide what you’re going to do. You could choose to ignore it and hope he stops seeing her, or you could confront him. If you decide to confront him then you have to work out what you are going to say.

The important thing is to keep calm. He may be shocked that you’ve found out, and could get angry, especially if you admit to spying on him. You need to be prepared for this. He may also be relieved you know as he may have been wanting to tell you for some time but didn’t know how.

Tell him how hurt and betrayed you feel, and give him a chance to explain why he cheated. If he wants to continue seeing her then don’t beg him to stop. Just keep calm and tell him that you accept the situation, even if you don’t! If you’re going to save the relationship you mustn’t let him see you’re desperate. Letting go and moving on may be the best way to get him back.

If your boyfriend begs for forgiveness and tells you he loves you and has stopped seeing this other woman, then look at his body language and trust your instincts. If you feel he can’t be trusted it may be best to end the relationship now.

If he seems genuinely sorry and heartbroken that you’ve found out, make him work hard at winning you round. If you forgive him to easily he may take it for granted that he can cheat again!

how to leave a cheating boyfriend

If you feel that he will cheat again, don’t stay with him no matter how much you love him. Breaking away may seem hard but you deserve much better. Be honest with him and say that you need a guy who is honest and sincere. You can’t spend your life with a guy who doesn’t appreciate you. Leaving him may also make him realise how much he truly loves you, so all may not be lost!

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