How To Deal With Rejection From A Girl

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dealing with rejectionRejection is one of the hardest things to deal with and lots of guys ask how to deal with rejection from a girl. One of the problems shy and unconfident guys face is overcoming feelings of shame at being rejected. It can make you feel as if there is something wrong with you and everyone is laughing at you.

In reality this is just not true. If it’s a girl you have only just met, then she doesn’t know you personally. She may be preoccupied with other things and may even have a boyfriend. She could even be gay! If it’s a girl you already know at college and you ask her out only to be turned down it can hurt. She knows you as a friend and this makes it even harder to accept. She likes you, but just doesn’t see you in a romantic way.

Rejection as bad as physical pain!

rejection can be very painful and almost as bad as a physical pain. Research has shown that the same part of the brain that is activated by a physical pain is also activated by the emotional pain of social rejection. As this pain is so bad it can stop some people from going after things they want for fear of being rejected. So a guy who sees an attractive hot looking woman in a bar may decide not to approach her for fear of being turned down by her. He sees the risk of rejection outweighs the possibility that she may actually like him. It can make things much easier and save a lot of heartache ┬áif you can read the signs and work out if she’s playing hard to get or is just not interested in yo.

Practice getting rejected!

If you are really bad at taking rejection, practice going up to girls who you feel are out of your league and chat to them. You may suffer rejection from all of them, or you may be surprised, but if you overcome the fear of being rejected and realise that it’s not the end of the world you will start to relax and women will find you more attractive.

how to deal with rejectionFear can hold you back and once you step out of your comfort zone and face up to it you will realise that rejection isn’t so bad. when you get rejected, try and work out why and improve your technique.

Lack of self confidence can make rejection feel a hundred times worse. You are certain that you must be uninteresting, dull or not worthy anyway. Develop a better sense of self worth by taking up a new interest, a sport, voluntary work, or anything that makes you feel good about yourself. Read self help books that teach you how to empower yourself and banish negative thought. Feeling good inside will radiate positive energy outside and make you seem more attractive. This in itself will lessen the chances of being rejected by a girl.

Body language

One way to reduce the chance of rejection when dating is to learn to read a woman’s body language before you approach her. Understanding a few subtle signs can help you decide if you should ask her out or not. Rejection is a part of life and everyone will experience it at some time or another. Handle it with dignity and she will respect you for it.

Dealing with rejection from a girlfriend

Dealing with rejection from a girl who has dumped you is one of the hardest things to deal with. You feel hurt that she’s left you for someone else and your pride has suffered a major blow. The best way to get over this is to accept it and move on. You have to accept that she knows her own mind, and for whatever reason she’s decided that she is happier with this other guy. Of course things can change and she may regret her actions, however by pleading with her to stay you will only make things worse.

This type of rejection from a long term relationship can be as bad as losing a loved on in death. You will go through a similar range of emotions including anger and grief. Dealing with this sort of rejection takes time. Accept your feelings and understand that they are part of the healing process.

Dealing with rejection online

Being rejected on internet dating sites is common place. However if you’re getting more rejections than interest it may be a good idea to review your profile. Never keep messaging a woman who is clearly not interested in you. It could be seen as stalking and may even get you banned from the site.

Never take rejection personally online as it’s a numbers game. The more girls you message the more chances you have of finding the right one. Online dating can be great fun and a great way to make new friends. Dealing with rejection from a girl online is easier to handle knowing there are plenty more to meet and get to know.

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