How To Gain Confidence With Women

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You can gain confidence with womenIf you suffer from approach anxiety learning how to gain confidence with women will make a huge difference to your life. Imagine being able to go up to a hot looking woman and start talking to her without the fear of rejection? Often guys are held back from approaching women simply by the fear they will get turned down.

Dating is a numbers game

Once you realise that dating is just a numbers game and that the more rejections you get the better, the sooner you will overcome the fear of rejection. Being rejected just means that you haven’t met the right girl yet. The more women you talk to and get turned down by the greater the chance you will meet the right one. Sitting at home fearing rejection won’t get you very far.

You don’t need to be cocky or very extrovert to get a girl. You can be quiet and confident which is very attractive. So firstly you need to work on your self confidence.

Overcoming self limiting beliefs

You are what you think! Thoughts are energy, and if you think negatively about yourself you will project negative energy. Women will pick up on this and may end up avoiding you.

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It can be hard trying to pick a girl up in a bar if you’re telling yourself she is out of your league, and that no girl is going to want you anyway. Women are naturally drawn to confident guys as they make them feel safe and looked after.

If you lack self confidence try writing down 10 things you achieved in the past. These can be anything that you feel proud of from childhood to the present day. Maybe you won a sports trophy at school and you can remember the feeling of pride and happiness as you went up on stage to collect it. It could be passing your driving test and that great feeling as you got your first car.

If you want to change your life you have to change the way you think. You have the power to alter your reality by changing your mindset. This is very powerful and by taking time each day to visualise what you want in life and acting as if you already have it you can bring it into reality.

Imagine yourself as a confident and happy guy who women find very attractive. Visualise the type of girl you want to date. What is the colour of her hair? How tall is she? What is she wearing. Really build up an image in your mind.

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Do this each day and really believe yourself to be this confident guy. After about 30 days you will start to notice a change in yourself. This is one of the best kept secrets to help you attract women.

Learn to meditate as this can help you relax and get in touch with your inner self. There is plenty of information you can download to guide you.

Get used to being around women

Get used to socialising with women. A good way to meet women is to join groups or classes that you know are mostly female orientated. This could be anything from cookery, writing, art, pottery or even yoga. If you don’t have many female friends, just chat to women you meet, no matter how old they are or what they look like. This is just giving you practice in approaching women and will make you realise that most women are friendly and won’t bite!! (well not unless you want them to!)

Can what you wear give you confidence?

What we wear says a lot about us. Most people will take someone they don’t know on face value. That means if you see a guy wearing old jeans and worn trainers you may think he doesn’t have a lot of money and has little respect for himself. In reality he may be a millionaire!
If you see a guy wearing a slick business suit and he is driving a high powered car, you will immediately think he is a successful and wealthy businessman. In reality he may have borrowed the car from his rich uncle and he is wearing the suit for a job interview.

I am not saying go out and borrow a high powered sports car just to impress a woman, but just spend what you can afford on quality clothes and take care of your hair and skin. You want to look your best and give the impression you have self respect.

What to say to a woman

If you see a woman you like and want to approach her, what do you say? If she is sitting in a cafe and reading a book you could ask her what she is reading. Take a look at her what she is wearing. Is there anything you could compliment her on? For example a pretty necklace or unusual ring. This kind of approach is good for starting a conversation.

She may tell you where she bought the necklace or ring and then you could try and take the conversation further. If you get her talking and she seems to like you, make sure you listen to what she says and take a genuine interest. Don’t focus on trying to get her phone number. Too many guys are just out for what they can get. If you focus on giving someone value and forget about what you want, you will attract abundance and are much more likely to attract women into your life.

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