How To Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend

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win your ex girlfriend backA relationship break up is never easy and can be heartbreaking. If you have split up from your love and want to know how to get back with your ex girlfriend you have come to the right place….

Firstly don’t whatever you do chase after her. This is a common mistake made by so may people desperate to get back with their exes. All you will do is to drive her further away.

Allow yourself time to grieve

The first few days after a break up are the worst. Your emotions are all over the place and it can be similar to the grief experienced after losing a loved one in death. Give yourself time to feel sad for those first few days and don’t be tempted to call her during this time.

After a couple of days have passed the initial shock of the break up will start to fade allowing you to think more clearly. This is when you need to decide if you really want to get back with your ex. Sometimes couples stay together out of habit and it can take a break in the relationship to make you realise it’s not working out.

It’s common to look back at the relationship and only remember the happy times. Your mind quickly forgets the bad times and the problems you faced making you see things in a slightly distorted way.

Try and work out what went wrong. What happened to cause the break up? Did you treat her badly? Did she dump you? Did you dump her? Has she found someone else? Maybe you cheated and broke her heart. Whatever the reason it may not be too late to win your ex girlfriend back.

If you dumped her….

get your ex girlfriend backIf you dumped her and now regret your actions you will have to apologise and mean it with sincerity. Give her space to calm down and then call her. Don’t be pushy and expect her to fall into your arms again. You hurt her and she needs time to forgive you. Pushing her into getting back with you will only drive her further away. When you call her just say how sorry you are and you hope she can forgive you and that you can remain friends. Don’t stay on the phone too long. Keep the conversation short and remain calm.

You could try sending her flowers or chocolates, however there is a chance she may reject them. Remember that there is nothing you can do if she doesn’t want you back. The next step is to stop any further contact. Just get on with your life, but at the same time don’t start dating other girls. You want her to start missing you.
Getting your ex girlfriend back after you dumped her may not be easy and you will need a lot of patience, however after some time apart she may start contacting you. As long as she knows you are truly sorry, and regret your actions there is always a chance you can win her back again.

How to get back with your ex girlfriend if she dumped you……

If on the other hand she dumped you then you need to ask yourself if you really want to get your ex girlfriend back. Do you think you could trust her again? How do you feel about her sharing intimate moments with another guy? Do you think you can block these thoughts out of your mind when you get intimate with each other again? If the answer is yes, then you need to follow certain guidelines that will get her interested in you again.

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These include accepting the break up and moving on with your life. This can be hard and it may seem to go against what you are trying to achieve, however if done the right way it can work miracles! It’s important that your ex girlfriend still has some feelings for you though. If she hates you or is just not interested anymore then nothing you do will alter that.

Even though your intention is to win your ex girlfriend back, you must let her see that you have moved on even if you haven’t. If you live together make sure you move out as soon as you can. If this isn’t possible then just be civil to each other but keep your lives separate until one of you is able to get their own place.

Get out and socialise with friends. You may have heard this said many times but not only will it help you cope with the break up, but your ex will notice that you’re not just moping around waiting for her call.

So should you make contact with her? Just maintain casual contact and meet up occasionally for coffee, but don’t let her think you have any expectations. If and when she does break up with her latest boyfriend you can be there for her and offer support.

Don’t give up!

Getting back with an ex isn’t an easy thing to do and could take months or even years. However never give up . Even if your girlfriend has found another guy there is always a chance she will dump him and get back with you.

Whatever attracted you to each other is still there and all it takes is a little spark to re ignite the passion

Don’t try and make her jealous!

Some guys think that by dating other girls they will make their ex girlfriend jealous. Be warned as this can backfire and blow any chances of a reconciliation. Your casual date may also suspect you are using her to make your ex girlfriend jealous.

If you want to get her back again you need to let her see that you’re on your own and not chasing after other women. Fill your life with new interests and let her see that you’re not just sitting around waiting for her to contact you.

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