How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Fast

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get ex boyfriend back againYou’re heartbroken and can’t stop crying. I understand your pain as there is nothing worse than losing the love of your life.. Keep reading this article to discover how to get your ex boyfriend back fast!

The first few days after a break up are the worst. Your emotions are all over the place and vary from anger, sadness and grief to feelings of guilt. It can be as bad as the death of a loved one. Don’t make the same mistake as so many women make after a break up and that is to beg and plead for your ex to take you back. Crying and constantly texting or calling him will only make you look desperate and needy. As a result you may end up driving him further away.

Allow yourself time to think about the relationship

If you want any chance of getting your ex boyfriend back you need to give yourself time to really think about things. Do you want your ex back because you love him, or do you want him back to save being on your own. This can be a hard question to answer honestly, especially if you’ve been together a long time. The idea of living alone can be very scary and way out of your comfort zone.

Don’t hurry such a big decision, take plenty of time to really give the relationship a lot of thought. ┬áIf you realise that you can’t live without your ex boyfriend and he is the only one for you then you need to put a plan into action.

Did he leave you for another girl?

Think about what caused the break up. If your ex boyfriend left you for another girl there is always a chance he may regret his actions and break up with her, however you don’t want to spend your life waiting around for this to happen. The best thing to do is to avoid any contact with him for at least a couple of weeks. Don’t be tempted to call or text him during this time. Pleading with him to get back with you, or showing jealousy towards his new girlfriend will probably end up pushing them closer together.

get ex boyfriend back againBreaking off all contact and being unavailable if he calls you will make him start to miss you. He will begin to wonder why you haven’t been calling him, and will wonder what you’ve been doing. The fact that you haven’t been crying and begging him to take you back will make him worry that he’s lost you for good. Of course this will only work if he has some feelings left for you, and it could take a while before he ends the relationship with this other girl.

Accept the break up

You will need to move on with your life in the meantime. It can be hard to let go of a relationship you’ve had with someone for a long time but accepting the break up is the first step. Work on yourself, take up new interests, travel somewhere you’ve always wanted to go to. Let your ex see that you can live without him and are the strong confident woman he fell in love with. You may even surprise yourself and discover that being on your own isn’t as bad as you thought.

If one day your ex decides to call you don’t get emotional. Play it cool. Be polite, and if he wants to meet up with you, don’t make yourself too available. Let him see that you have a life of your own now and don’t cancel other arrangements just to see him. Most guys like a challenge, and if he thinks that all he needs to do is call you and you’ll come running then he will lose interest again very quickly. Don’t make it too hard, but get him to work a little if he is going to win you back.

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Supposing he doesn’t call? Should you contact him? Ideally you shouldn’t make any contact for at least a month. If in that time you don’t hear anything from him then you could make a very short phone call and ask him how he is.

How to get your ex boyfriend back if you cheated.

If you cheated on your boyfriend and this is the reason he dumped you then you’ll need to win back his trust. This won’t be easy and you’ll need to let him see how sorry you are. Allow a few days for emotions to calm down and give him plenty of space.

You could try calling him after about a week and tell him how sorry you are and that you regret seeing this other guy. Say that you hope you can still be friends and then end the call. You don’t want to start begging him to give you another chance as this will make you look needy and desperate.

His pride will be hurt and if he shows anger towards you then he still has feelings for you. If he didn’t care and showed no emotion at all then the relationship is definitely over. Don’t get into any arguments with him and take what he has to say to you. Keep calm and accept the break up.

After a few weeks he may start to contact you. If this happens tread very carefully. You could suggest meeting up for coffee but don’t expect a reunion straight away. You may have hurt him so badly that he won’t ever take you back. However don’t give up. Play it cool and just chat as friends. If you accept the blame and show him you’ve changed then there is every chance you’ll get your ex boyfriend back again.

He may want to know details of the affair and who you were seeing. He may get suspicious every time you’re late home, or say that you’re going out with friends. You may find him checking your phone, or emails for evidence that you’ve been cheating. Be patient as it may take a while to regain his trust.

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