How To Handle Rejection From A Guy

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Rejection is inevitable, and every woman will at some time in her life get upset when a man turns her down. So what is the best way for coping with rejection from a guy? Firstly don’t be hard on yourself as it’s not your fault. If a guy decides that you aren’t the right girl for him then don’t feel bad as you just haven’t met the right man yet.

If he is someone you have been seeing for a while then most likely you will feel miserable for a few days. Your initial reaction may be shock, and you may feel sick and very despondent. You may even lose your appetite and find it hard to sleep.

This is normal, especially if you didn’t see it coming. Sometimes you can feel that things aren’t quite right, but you brush these thoughts aside, especially if you don’t want to lose your boyfriend or long term partner.

Get support from friends

Allow yourself time for grieving and indulge in your favourite foods, or watch a few comedy movies to cheer yourself up. After a few days of feeling sad and dejected you need to start getting out and socialising with friends. Nothing is better and more able to help your recovery from rejection then getting the support of those around you who care.Just talking through your problems will help you to heal.They will also enforce the message that you are a good person with a great personality and deserve better.

Don’t blame yourself for his poor judgement

get your ex girlfriend backIt’s easy to put the blame on yourself if you’ve been rejected by a guy. However it probably has nothing to do with you and is his problem. You may have been lavishing love and attention on him and still he dumps you. You look inwardly and imagine all kinds of things you’ve done wrong. As a result you tell yourself that you must be a bad person and don’t deserve love.

Advice on dealing with rejection

You believe that you only deserve guys who treat you badly and reject you, and that is what you will get. Of course you don’t set out deliberately to find such guys, but you are seeking them out on a subconscious level. Once you realise this you can take steps to rid your subconscious of these limiting and negative beliefs.Nothing could be further from the truth, but by feeding your subconscious with negative self talk you are actually manifesting more negative energy in your life.

You just may not be his type.

You may suffer rejection from a guy just because you’re not his type. We are all attracted to a certain type of person and this doesn’t mean to say that there is something wrong with you if the guy you like doesn’t like you. You may have little in common and share very different views and interests.┬áThis doesn’t mean to say that you are a bad person. Always be polite if a guy rejects you, and don’t get upset or angry. He won’t respect you for showing your emotions, and being calm and polite shows maturity.

Advice on dealing with rejection

A good way of coping with rejection from a guy you plucked up the courage to ask out is to tell yourself not to take it personally. You have lost nothing and as long as you keep your dignity and accept the rejection with a smile then you will be able to move on much easier.

Don’t let the fear of rejection hold you back.

If you’ve been rejected, the fear of it happening again can hold you back. You may feel anxious at starting a new relationship or even asking another guy out on a date in case it happens to you again.

Advice on dealing with rejection

Finding the right partner can take time and you may need to date lots of men before you find your Mr right, so it’s inevitable that you will either be rejected or do the rejection yourself.You remember how it felt and you just can’t handle the experience again. Holding back from getting involved with another guy will mean that you will miss out on so much.

Insecurity and lack of self confidence can make it harder to recover from being dumped. Boost your self esteem by thinking about all your talents, and your close friends and family who love and appreciate you. Give yourself a makeover and treat yourself to a new top or a new hairdo.

You don’t need a man to make you happy.

You may have heard that phrase many times by women who have been dumped, but it really is true. Learning to like yourself and enjoying your own company will make you a much happier person than hanging on to a guy who doesn’t want to be with you. Sometimes just letting go and accepting a rejection from a guy you loved can make him realise what he is missing. Spend more time with your girlfriends and widen your social circle. You will naturally meet new guys through invites to parties and other social gatherings. Online dating has become one of the best ways to meet new people. This is great if you have a very small social circle and find it hard to meet new guys at work.

Keep busy and don’t dwell on your past experiences. Make the most of being single and take up new interests or travel. You will become a more interesting and attractive person as you will have lots to talk about with those you meet. Broadening your outlook will also help in coping with rejection from a guy.There

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