How To Make Out With A Girl In 60 Seconds!

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making out with a girlHave you ever been in a bar and watched a guy go up to girl he didn’t know and get her to make out with him almost immediately! You may have watched in envy and think that he must have been born with some super power that is completely beyond your reach.

Well you’ll be pleased to know that he hasn’t! It can make the average guy feel very intimidated to watch some guy just pick up a girl with no effort, but keep reading and I will let you in to a few of my good friend Joshua Pellicer’s secrets to help you succeed! (He is the author of best selling book, “The Tao Of Baddass.”)

Just follow the steps outlined in this article and you could be making out with that hot girl you see at work or in your local bar in no time at all:)

If you want to know how to make out with a girl very quickly you first need to be able to tell if she’s ready to make out. 90% of the difference between a guy who’s really good with women and a guy who is just average or even below average is the ability to spot the signs she is ready to make out.

So what are the indications that a woman is ready to make out?If you just go up to a woman without knowing what to look for you may be rejected immediately and the odds of making out with her will not be in your favour.

What direction is she looking?

When humans look in different directions they are accessing different ar  eas of the brain. For instance if you spot a really hot looking woman in a bar looking down she is in touch with her emotions.

If she looks at you and then looks down she is saying that she has an emotional response to you looking at her. Looking down especially if she tilts her head down as well indicates she’s showing submission.

The type of woman you will be able to approach and make out with in under a minute should automatically take the submissive role.

Is she actively looking around the bar to make eye contact?

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If she’s talking to a friend and engaged in conversation and she is totally engrossed with that person, you’re going to find it much harder to get her attention. If however she’s looking around the room while talking, trying to make eye contact with lots of people then this is a good indicator she’s a woman you can go up to and flirt with straight away.A woman who is focused on someone already, whether it’s male of female will be much harder to make out with. If however she is on her own and actively looking around the room you will find it much easier to go up to her.

What is she wearing, and how is she standing?

You see a hot looking woman who is wearing a low cut sexy top and looks like she’s dressed to get attention. She is confident and stands with her feet about shoulder width apart. If this is the girl you want to make out with, you will find it very challenging. She is looking for male attention and is playing a dominant role. She is certainly not being submissive and is very much in control.

You want to look for a woman who is somewhere in between a strong dominant female who is dressed to kill, to one who is dressed casually but not frumpy and is showing a submissive role.

Women on holiday, or in a strange environment such as a bar in a foreign country, or even just a different area to where they live are not certain what to expect. They don’t know the type of person who goes into the bar, or how they will be dressed. A woman in this situation will be looking around trying to spot someone to make a connection with.


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If you see a woman you like, study her and if you feel comfortable about going up to her then do so, and see what happens. Be confident and don’t fear rejection. Women like a guy who is confident.

Controlling her reality

This may sound strange, but you need to control what she’s experiencing in her own reality to get her to the stage when she’s comfortable with you and wants to make out with you straight away.

A quick way to do this is to go up to a girl and when she makes eye contact, slowly put your finger on your lips and say “shhh…”

Deepen your voice and speak slowly as you say “wait just one minute.” or “Stop for one minute.” Using a bit of NLP psychology, when someone hears the word “stop” “wait or “don’t,” they will register whatever comes after.

If you tell someone not to think of something, such as a chocolate bar, or a black dog, they will automatically think of it. So if you say “don’t try to make out with me” to a girl, she will hear the words you are saying consciously, but her subconscious mind is hearing “make out with me right now!”

A good line is something like “Don’t worry…right now.” Slow down your speech as you say those words, then after a short pause..say “You and I are going to have a secret. We are going to kiss secretly and no one will know about it.”

Lean in slowly as you say it, and look from her eyes down to her lips and up to her eyes and then back down to her lips. Do this slowly about 3 or 4 times…

You then very slowly put your hand round her back but don’t pull her towards you. Just a very light touch.

This may take a bit of practice, and a lot of courage…

It’s a very powerful technique and should only be used for the right reasons. Never try and seduce a woman who is clearly not interested. It is very important that you take the time to spot the signs first as I outlined.

How to know if it’s working

If she looks at your lips this is a good indication that she is interested. If she looks at your eyes, wait a second. Turn round and back again. Then try once more. It’s human nature to perceive someone turning round and back again as making a fresh start in a conversation.

If it’s clear that you’re not getting anywhere with her just back away and look for another woman to practice on.

However if she looks at your lips and seems comfortable with you and excited, then you can move in closer to her. In a noisy bar you will need to speak louder for her to hear you, but don’t. Instead lower your voice so that you have to be close to her ear for her to hear what you’re saying.

You could then say something like “No one is going to see this…it’s just going to be our little secret. I promise I won’t tell anyone if you promise not to tell anyone either.”

Make sure that she can feel your breath on her neck and you should start to get a sexual response from her. As you get even closer to her ear, press your cheek against hers as you talk and move your head so that your mouth is close to hers. You can then start to kiss her. Start gently with just a peck on the lips, then if she seems happy and responsive you can go straight into making out.

60 seconds may not seem long, but actually the whole process can happen in an even shorter time. Joshua Pellicer claims to have made out with a girl in under 40 seconds!

He advises a guy to action immediately if he sees a girl who is ready to be seduced. If you wait and just make small talk with her, she will be turned off and you’ve lost out on a golden opportunity. Yes it does take courage and you may be rejected, but you will never know unless you try.

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