How To Meet Women Online

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online datingYears ago the best way to meet women was at the local disco, but times have changed. Busy lives and smaller social circles make it hard to meet women in normal day to day life. Lots of single guys nowdays want to know how to meet women online. The internet has revolutionised the way singles find dates and hook up.

What are the benefits of meeting women online?

Firstly you aren’t restricted to your local area. You can find women in any country and any region from the comfort of your home.

You can browse through hundreds of member profiles and get to know potential dates before you meet up with them. With many sites now having video chat available, you can enjoy a virtual date. This means that you can see and talk to each other. You could even set up a virtual dinner date with candles and a bottle of wine! Although you can’t share the same meal, you can still have fun and pretend you are in a restaurant together.

Finding an online dating site

You will find hundreds of online dating sites to choose from with many of them free, however you need to take into consideration that paid sites are more likely to attract genuine people. The fact that you have to pay a fee, no matter how small makes you more committed to finding true love, and keeps time wasters out.

With so many sites to choose from you will find that many are geared towards certain interests, religions or even sexual preferences. For example if you love animals you can find sites that cater for pet owners. You can join Christian dating sites, or those that specialise in gay, transsexual or lesbians.

Join for free

Don’t commit yourself to just one online dating site. Join several as a free member as this enables you to view member profiles without the committing yourself to a membership fee. Spend time viewing member profiles, and don’t join as a paid member until you find some that you like the look of. Most larger sites get new members joining every day, so my advice would be to spend the next few days just looking at profiles.

Your profile

You will need to fill out a detailed profile and submit several photos of yourself. Your photo and the headline are crucial in attracting your ideal woman.

Always post an up to date photo of yourself and not one that was taken 5 or 10 years ago. Take a look at headlines in magazines and newspapers and notice which ones stand out and why. Take a note of attention grabbing words and use them in your headline.

Keep it short but interesting. Don’t be boring and say that you like dancing, go into detail and say something like “I really enjoy my weekly salsa dance classes and love the Latin rhythms.” You need to stand out from the crowd and be original.

Be honest about yourself. Don’t say that you have a luxury yacht or work as an airline pilot when you don’t. You will be found out, and no women likes a man who lies. Being honest and truthful will attract the right woman for you.

Once you join as a paid member you will start to get messages from members. Replying to them and saying the right things are crucial. Establishing common interests and building up a connection will develop a friendship and possibly a romantic relationship.

When sending a message to a potential date, spend a little time thinking about what to say. lots of women will likely get messages from guys just asking to meet up with little else in the profile. Read her profile carefully and comment on something. Lots of women get messages with very little thought in them every day. The same message could have been sent to hundreds of women with no personal touch.

Virtual dating

Many online dating sites have video chat which means that you can set up a virtual date. Being able to see and talk to someone is a far better way of establishing a connection than just chatting using text. Hearing her voice will give you a true feel for her and help you decide if you want to meet up for real. Try to get your date to agree to a video chat early on rather than just spend time chatting via email or in a chat room.

You could do something fun like setting up a virtual dinner date! You could both set a table with candles and cook a meal. Although you can’t share the same meal you could both follow the same recipe and talk about the food you’ve prepared. This is something you could do further on in the relationship when you know each other a bit better.

If you live local to each other than meeting up shouldn’t be a problem. Always meet up with a new date in a public place. Choose somewhere you can talk, such as a cafe or intimate restaurant. Making your first date watching a movie, or going to the theatre doesn’t give you chance to talk to each other.

Hopefully this article has helped to show you how to meet women online, and how easy it is.

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