How To Read His Body Language

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Learn how to read his body languageOne way to tell if a guy likes you is to read his body language. Verbal language is only part of how we communicate and our bodies unconsciously communicate how we are really feeling.

Does his behaviour change as soon as he sees you approaching him? Younger guys especially like to show off in front of their friends if they see a girl they like. If he’s fooling around he may laugh louder and start acting the clown. A shy guy will more likely become quiet and look embarrassed.

If you are in class or at work you will find that he deliberately sits near you. Look at how he is sitting. Is his body facing you? By this I mean his feet are pointing in your direction. This is a sure sign sign he likes you.

One giveaway is if he follows you around. He always seems to be next to you in the queue at the cafeteria and hangs around waiting to talk to you. He may be shy but wants to be near you. A shy guy like this may look down at his feet if he sees you looking at him. He blushes and fidgets.

Eyebrow flash body language

When we like someone we raise our eyebrows in response, and if they like us back then they will also raise their eyebrows. this only lasts for a split second and you have to be very alert to spot it. However it’s something that we all do and we may not be aware of it.

howtoreadaman350The act of lifting your eyebrow makes the eye look larger and more attractive. It allows more light to reflect off the surface and this can make you look alluring. If you notice a guy does this when you look his way then make sure you deliberately lift your eyebrow for more than a split second.

Watch his eyebrows as he talks to you. If they are relaxed then this could be a sign he may be listening but he isn’t finding you at all fascinating. A slightly puzzled look usually means he is paying full attention and wants to know more about you.

pay attention to his mouth, as if he likes what he sees he will part his lips for a few seconds. He may also look at your mouth when you’re talking and this is a sign he finds you sexually attractive.

hands on hips body language

If a guy is standing with legs slightly apart and hands on his hips with fingers pointing down, he is subconsciously showing off his assets. He is wanting you to pay attention to the lower part of his body. This gesture also makes him look bigger and more confident.

A guy who slouches and lowers his head has low self esteem. He finds it hard to look people in the eye and has very little confidence in himself. This guy needs encouragement from you and is unlikely to initiate contact without some help.

Male preening body language

If he strokes his hair, straightens his tie, or smoothes his jacket then he is preening. This is a sure sign he likes you and is subconsciously trying to impress you. It’s a bit like a male bird preening his feathers during courtship.

Does he only like you as a friend or does he see you as a potential date? Watch his behaviour if you are in a public area, at a party or in a bar. If he is talking to you but looking at other women then he doesn’t see you in a romantic way. If he’s paying full attention and ignoring everyone else in the room then this is an obvious sign he likes you.


Mirroring is something we do subconsciously if we like someone. Try a little experiment and watch if he copies your movements. Cross your legs, look at your watch, look out of the window, or if you’re in a bar pick up your drink. See if he copies your movements shortly afterwards. If he does this is a sign he feels in tune with you and likes your company. We tend to do this with our closest friends as well and may not always indicate a sexual attraction. However it does show he likes you, so it’s still a positive sign.

Dilated pupils body language

The eyes can be a real giveaway, so if you want to know if he likes you look into his eyes. If the pupils are dilated and dewy looking then he likes what he sees. This is totally uncontrollable and is a sign he fancies you. Your pupils will also dilate if you like him. Large pupils are attractive and make the eyes look bigger. Women have the advantage of being able to use kohl eye pencils and eye shadow to enhance their eyes making them look sultry and seductive.

Subconscious body language is different from flirting. If a guy flirts he is deliberately showing you he fancies you and wants you to notice him. Body language is largely uncontrollable and is a real indicator of his feelings towards you. So now you know how to read his body language you will know what he’s thinking!

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