How To Turn A Woman On

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Discover how to turn a woman onKnowing how to turn a woman on can be hard for some guys to really understand. From a woman’s perspective I can tell you that women are more turned on by emotion and feeling. A woman’s brain is wired differently to a guy’s and as a result responds in a different way.

When a girl has sex a chemical is released in her brain known as oxytocin. It’s a bonding chemical that makes her want to cuddle and get close to you. It also increases her levels of testosterone which boosts her sex drive.

Just touching a woman releases oxytocin, so by kissing her neck, or even just touching her arm you can arouse her and make her horny even if she doesn’t feel like having sex.

On the other hand guy’s produce a chemical known as dopamine during sex which is very addictive and produces feelings of pleasure. This is one of the reasons why guys can become addicted to sex and why they enjoy watching porn so much.

How to turn a woman on with text

You can turn a woman on by simply texting her and using the right words. Always keep the texts short as you want to keep her attention and stop her from getting bored. Words can be very powerful and a great way to get her aroused.

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If you know her intimately and are texting your girlfriend you can get get quite sexual, if she is in bed, ask her what she’s wearing. She may respond in a sexual way by describing her lingerie and what she would like to do if you were with her.

ask her if she is turned on by massage and go into detail of how you would massage her sensually. This will start to get her aroused and she may already be wet with desire.

Be aware of the time of day you text her. Don’t send her texts during the day when she may be working or out shopping. Late at night is best. Always focus on her and ask about her daily life. add short flirty texts that will get her excited, but don’t overdo it. use smiley emotions and add kisses when you text her goodnight.If you are only just getting to know her then just  flirt a little with her. Don’t get sexual until you know she is in to you.

How to build sexual tension

Sexual tension happens when you create a strong sexual desire, but it’s put off or doesn’t happen. If you are attracted to a woman you can build sexual tension by teasing her. Of course this will only work if she likes you, so try and make sure the feeling is mutual first. Get her aroused and then pull away. You can do this with words or physically, depending on the situation. Creating an air of mystery and suspense will turn her on and make her want you.

What are the erogenous zones of women?

Women can be turned on very easily by touching them in the right places. Be gentle and thoughtful though, and never continue touching a women if she doesn’t want you to.

Do You Make These Mistakes With Women

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The nape of the neck is one area on a woman’s body that is very sensitive to touch and just by lightly touching and kissing her neck you can make her feel aroused.

surprise your girlfriend by going up behind her and kiss her gently on the nape of the neck. Brush her hair aside and pull on it slightly to make her know that you want her.

A lot of women get turned on by having their earlobes kissed or gently nibbled. Some women also like it if you gently blow in her ear. Put your arms round her as you do this. Then whisper sweet erotic words into her ear to get her aroused and turn her on.

The inside of the thighs are very sensitive to touch and have lots of nerve endings. Gently massaging them and touching her skin in this area of her body will be very erotic for her.

Seductive words to turn a woman on

Women are naturally attracted to guys with deeper voices, but don’t lower your voice just to impress her as it will sound false. Complement her looks. Women like to feel special, and words like “I can’t wait for us to be together”, will make her know you are thinking of her when you are apart.

If she has lovely long hair you could say “I can’t wait to run my fingers through your beautiful long glossy hair”, and Saying “I have been waiting to hear your sweet voice all day” is sure to turn her on. If you are apart let her know how much you miss her and say things like “you are the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning, and the last thing I think of before I go to sleep at night”

Women are driven by emotion and romance, so by using sweet and seductive words you will keep her interested.

Seducing an older woman

dating older womenIf you find yourself attracted to an older woman you may think that she is too sophisticated for you and that she wouldn’t look twice at a guy your age. However as long as the age gap isn’t too wide and you aproach her properly you may well be in with a chance..

If you are in your 20s and she is in her late thirties or forties, she probably has had several relationships already, and may be divorced with children. She will have life experience, as well as sexual experience, and may feel flattered by the attention of a much younger guy. So how can you seduce her?

Firstly she probably won’t be interested in a guy who acts immaturely. Showing off in front of your mates or bragging about your new car won’t turn her on. Think of something interesting to talk about that shows you have some depth. Politics, art, world events, or music are good topics. An older woman may be earning a lot more than you, so she’s not looking for a guy to pay her bills or buy her dinner.

She is probably very independent and isn’t going to settle for some immature teen, so show her you have maturity and treat her right and you can expect great sex and fun times with her. Be aware that a cougar, or older woman may not be looking for a long term relationship. She doesn’t need a man in her life to support her financially, and may just want a bit of fun to make her feel young again.

She may be happy to have her own space after a divorce or break down in a long term relationship. older woman are usually more emotionally charged than younger women, so you need to play on this. A woman in her 40s and 50s will have a few lines, and her body will not be like that of women you are used to dating in your own age group. Be sensitive about this and compliment her without sounding condescending.

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