Keen Psychic Review-Will You Find Out If He’s Ready To Commit?

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keen psychic reviewMy Keen psychic review aims to provide you with an honest look at the site, enabling you to make an informed decision at whether you will try it or not. Keen has been around since 1997, making it one of the most established psychic sites on the internet.

As a new customer you can get your first 3 minutes for FREE, or alternatively you can opt for a 10 minute reading for just $1.99. The latter is a far better offer as you get enough time to connect with the advisor and get an insightful reading.

Although it seems a good deal to get a FREE 3 minute reading, you will find that the reader has no time to connect with your energy and provide you with any insight as to what’s going on in your life.

Does Keen have a guarantee?

At the end of your special introductory offer you get the opportunity to extend your minutes after payment. Keen provide a guarantee of satisfaction and if you aren’t happy with your reading they will give you up to 25 Keen dollars.

Keen has plenty of advisors to choose from and each one has a star rating and detailed profile about themselves and their skills. It’s important that you study lots of profiles so that you can find someone who is right for you. You will find tarot, spiritual, psychic mediums, pet psychics, astrologers, dream interpreters and numerologists.

You will also find comments from customers next to the star ratings. This will help you decide if the reader is genuine and has the skills you are looking for. As the site is so large it’s probably very difficult to interview all psychics in great depth.

keen psychics is it true loveAs a result it’s possible that you may come across some readers that just don’t have the skill level you would expect of a professional psychic. Having said that, you are covered by the $25 dollar back guarantee.

Finding the right psychic for you..

My advice is to find a psychic who matches the type of reading you are looking for, and study the comments that other customers have written.

Look for those who are charging between $1.99 a minute up to no more than $4 a minute. If you are new to the site make sure that you fully understand the payment system and that you have enough money to pay for any extra time. It’s surprising how fast the time goes when you are excited and having a really great reading. Just make sure you are keeping an eye on the clock!

If you are not happy with your reading and the advisor can’t seem to make a connection with you, just end the call..

Adding funds..

You can add funds to your account before you make a call and there is the option of using paypal or a credit card. You are able to see if an advisor is online and available to take your call. You can also arrange a call for a time that suits you. This is great as it allows you to make an appointment with the psychic of your choice.

The dangers of psychic addiction..

One disadvantage of using online psychics is that they can become addictive, especially if you are going through a relationship crisis in your life and are desperate for answers. It’s tempting if you don’t like the outcome that a psychic gives you, to call other psychics until you get the answers you want! You could end up spending hundreds or thousands of dollars and still get the same answers to your question!

Some people feel more comfortable talking to a psychic from the comfort of their own home, rather than face to face readings.

This is especially so if you are dealing with very sensitive issues such as heartbreak, or other relationship problems. Some unscrupulous, and fake psychics may use body language to do cold readings and this can’t be done over the phone.

Before your reading..

Before you have your reading you should take time to prepare yourself. Clear your mind and spend a few minutes practicing deep breathing. This relaxes your body and helps to focus the mind. Think about the questions you want answers to. “Will my ex boyfriend come back to me?” “Am I with the right man?” “Will I meet my soulmate?” Keep a pen and paper next to the computer as you will want to jot down key points. It’s all to easy to forget important advice given during your reading, and unless you write everything down it may be lost from your memory forever..

If you have current relationship problems then a love psychic reading can help you understand the best way of dealing with them. A psychic may be able to forecast possible outcomes to a situation, but remember that we all have free will, and it’s up to you to take action on the advice given to you.

There are other reputable psychic sites to choose from including Psychic Source. This is also an established site and was founded in 1989. You can read more about it here..

I hope you have enjoyed my Keen psychic review, and that it’s helped you make an informed decision as to whether you want to try out their special offer and get the answers you need to your love life questions.

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