Marriage Counseling Does It Work?

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marriage counseling does it workMany couples going through a crisis ask “marriage counseling does it work?” Before you even consider getting counseling both of you need to want the marriage to work, and you also need to have some idea of your expectations during the sessions.

Lack of communication is a major cause of marital problems. Before you even consider marriage counseling, sit down together and take it in turns to talk.

Just taking the time to talk to each other can identify many of the problems that are causing your relationship to fail.

Don’t interrupt your spouse while it’s his turn. Many couples are to busy to spend time discussing important issues with each other. Some are afraid to speak out in case they rock the boat. However it’s far worse if you keep things inside as they will eventually surface and cause far worse problems resulting in separation or divorce.

Counselling helps you both to deal with these problems no matter how painful they are. Some of the common issues between couples include lack of physical contact, infidelity, money worries, and just not spending enough time together as a couple. Demands from kids, work and elderly parents can all put a real strain on any marriage.

Things may get worse before they improve.

Just like a visit to the physiotherapist for a back problem, you can expect things to get worse before they get better. The counselor may dig deep into
issues that are very painful to talk about such as an affair you or your partner had, and this may lead to conflict! This is a good thing as facing up to problems will bring them out in the open. Depending on how long you have been experiencing these issues, and the nature of them, depends a lot on how many sessions you will need.

marriage counseling does it workIf you have let things get really bad between you for some time, and have done nothing about it then you could expect to need quite a few counseling sessions. However if you’ve taken action in the early stages then it may be easier to repair the relationship.

Going alone..

Marriage counseling does it work if you go on your own? If you have a strong desire to save your marriage but your partner doesn’t seem to care, then going on your own to see a counselor may not make much difference to your relationship. However if your spouse is still keen to save the marriage but just doesn’t want to go to counselling sessions then even going on your own will certainly be beneficial. You will learn how to better interact with each other, and how to work through your problems

Choosing the right counselor

Having made the decision to seek counseling, you need to find someone you feel comfortable talking to about very sensitive issues within

Allow plenty of time for your marriage counseling sessions and make sure you arrive early for appointments as you will feel more relaxed. Trying to squeeze in a session during your lunch break at work won’t be beneficial as you will be worrying about the time.your marriage. Most will give a free initial consultation which allows you to get a feel for the individual personalities and working methods of different counselors.

What to expect…

So what happens during a marriage counseling session? Firstly the counselor will put you both at ease in what will probably be a comfortable and pleasant environment. She or he will chat to you both and get to know a little bit about you. Then you will be asked about your marriage and any problems you feel are affecting your relationship.

If you are on your own, you will be given advice on how to interact with your spouse and handle conflict constructively.

You will be shown how to turn anger into something more positive, and discuss things in a calm and objective manner.

Counseling may bring up painful and difficult issues that you find hard to discuss with each other, and the presence of a trained marriage counselor can help you both to face up to these issues and work through them

At the end of the session the counselor will evaluate problems raised and give you advice on how best you can deal with them. You may need several sessions before your marriage starts to improve and you may also get homework to do in between sessions. Any assignments given to you are an essential part of counseling and must be followed. They are given to you for a reason and if you fail to put the effort in and complete them, you can’t expect the best results.

So does it work?

So does marriage counseling really work? Yes it can if you are both keen to make the marriage work. Just having a 3rd person present can get you to talk in an objective and constructive way that you may not be able to do on your own. Once you learn the techniques shown to you by the counselor you will then have the tools to build your marriage into a strong and healthy relationship that will last.

An alternative..

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