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online dating advice for menMeeting women online has become a mainstream way of finding dates. No longer do you have to wait for well meaning friends to introduce you to the next cool chick at the annual Christmas party.

Online dating is easy, convenient and a great way to meet new people who you would never normally have met the traditional offline way. Read this article for proven online dating advice for men

where to meet women online

So which is the best way to meet women online? There are plenty of social sites such as Facebook where you may find single women through friends. However the best way to find women to date online is by signing up to one of the many internet dating sites.

Most dating sites allow you to join for free, giving you the chance to check out member profiles before committing yourself to a paid membership. The best idea would be to join several sites as a free member and spend time looking through profiles.

Once you find a site that you like then join and create your own profile. This is a very important step and will determine how successful you are at getting dates.  Firstly you need to create a profile

Don’t hurry this step as you want to give yourself the best possible chance of meeting the right woman. You need to stand out from the crowd as there is plenty of competition, and most dating sites outnumber men.

Online dating advice for men, how to create a killer headline

Your headline and profile photo are the first things women members will see, so it’s vital you grab their interest. You want to make your headline catchy and attention grabbing.

Get them curious and want to read more about you. Study other members headlines and read their profiles to get a feel for the site. Be creative and really spend time crafting your headline. Don’t be like the rest and use over used phrases such as “looking for miss right,” as your header.

Your profile photo

Even if you don’t look like Brad Pit, you can create a very attractive profile photo with the right lighting and background. If you’re taking the photo outside, use the soft light of early morning or evening. Include your dog or cat if you want to attract an animal loving date. Never post a profile photo that’s years out of date, or one that includes your ex.

You don’t need to look formal, and the best shots are those with a casual shirt unbuttoned at the top. Never include bare chested photos even if you have spent years working out at the gym and have a great body. Many women would find this off putting, and may ignore your profile as a result.

Avoid wearing a hat or sunglasses as they hide your eyes. They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, and women will want to see those lovely smiling eyes.

How to write your online dating profile


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Now you have grabbed her attention with your killer headline and profile photo you want to keep her interested in reading your profile and want to contact you.

Think about the type of woman you want to attract. Are you looking for a serious long term relationship, or just a bit of fun? What are your main interests? You don’t need to write long paragraphs as you don’t want her to get bored and move on to some other guy’s profile.

If you like cooking don’t just say “I like cooking.” say something like “Do you like your man to cook for you?” Keep her curious by asking questions. Don’t tell her your life history as you want to give yourself an air of mystery.

Once your profile is live keep testing and tweaking until you get a good response and a full inbox.

The first message

Once you start getting replies to your profile you have to start writing out your first message. Keep it short and make sure you use correct grammar and spelling. Don’t use slang words, especially in a first message as it can be off putting. Women get plenty of messages from guys in their inbox and it can take time to respond to them all, so don’t get impatient if you don’t hear back straight away. You have a much greater chance of a reply if you use as few words as possible and add a bit of humour. Women are attracted to guys who can make them laugh. Invoke curiosity to make her want to find out more.

always reply to messages you receive even if you’re not interested. It can be hurtful if someone has spent time reading your profile and then taken the time to write a message only to be ignored. Never take rejection personally as the girl who rejected you doesn’t know you. It can be upsetting but it’s very common on dating sites.

That first date

online dating in a coffee shopOnce you have got to know a few potential dates you need to start meeting in person. A word of caution, most women will be concerned about personal safety when meeting a guy for the first time, so be aware of this.

Even if you’re the kindest and most genuine guy on the planet, she doesn’t know this. Meet somewhere public where your date will feel safe. A good location for a first date would be a coffee shop or cafe. Just somewhere you can sit and talk for a while.

Be on your guard for women who are only concerned with your finances and how much you’re worth. If you get an uneasy feeling about someone trust your gut instincts and move on.

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