Signs She Likes You More Than A Friend

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Friendship is a great basis for a romantic relationship. You may have already known each other for a while but you start to notice a spark between you. Is this a sign she likes you more than a friend? How can you really tell? Read more to find out…

Is she flirting with you?

Touching your arm or brushing against you are signs she likes you, especially If this is something she hasn’t done before. However some women are naturally tactile and touching you may not necessarily mean she fancies you.

Eye contact can be a real giveaway. If she holds your gaze and smiles at you while talking then this is a sign she is in to you. If her eyes light up when she sees you and her smile is warm then this is a certain sign she wants you.

If a girl likes you she may feel embarrassed and awkward around you. If she blushes and looks shy when you talk to her then she definitely fancies you.

Does she seem shy or awkward around you?

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If this is a girl at work or college who you already know and are friendly with, her feelings may be changing towards you. It’s up to you to take action if you want to take things further. Most girls are hesitant about letting a guy know her true feelings towards him. Even in today’s world it’s still up to the guy to make the first move.

Look out for signs she is jealous

If she suddenly seems uneasy when you talk about other girls, and asks questions about them then she may be feeling jealous. This is definitely a sign she likes you, and if this has been going on for a while then you’ve been missing out on these signals.

Another sign is if she questions who you’re texting or talking to on the phone. She may seem suspicious and edgy, especially if you’re guarded and take the phone into another area or room.

Going out of her way to please you could be a sign she likes you.

If she seems more keen to hang out with you then this could be a sign her feelings towards you are becoming stronger. If she takes every opportunity to spend time with you even if it means doing things she doesn’t like then she is very much in to you. For example she hates football or soccer and is happy to go with you to a game. She doesn’t like big social occasions but eagerly accepts your invite to a large family get together, even if she has to cancel whatever she was doing to attend.

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She has become very protective towards you and shows a lot more concern if you’re ill. She visits you with hot soup, tissues and your favourite dvd. This type of fussing behaviour may been in her nature as some women have strong mothering instincts. However if she has never shown such care before then you know her feelings towards you are changing.

Taking action if you’re sure she likes you.

If you’re sure that she likes you, try gently taking hold of her hand when you’re out together and see if she pulls away. If you are already good friends and she rejects your advances don’t let this spoil your friendship. Just be patient and let things develop in their own time. Being scared of losing a girl’s friendship if you make a move on her is a common fear, however lots of couples start out as friends.

What if you see a ring on her finger and aren’t sure if she’s already taken? If she seems interested and you know each other through work or mutual friends then you could ask them if she is engaged or even married. if you don’t have any contact with her friends or work colleagues and only talk to her occasionally then ask her if she is doing anything nice at the weekend or even ask her outright if she is married. she may find you attractive even is she is committed to someone else as this is quite common, however be wary as things could get complicated.

Hopefully this article has helped to show you some of the signs she likes you more than a friend.

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