The Best Way To Meet Russian Women

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dating russian womenThe best way to meet Russian women is by travelling to Russia or the Ukraine and spending time there getting to know the people and the culture, as well as studying the language. However this isn’t always possible. So where can you meet Russian women in your own country? One of the easiest ways is to join one one of the many dating sites that specialise in meeting women from Russia and the Ukraine.

The main advantage of this is that you will have a large database of women to choose from. You will be able to look at their profiles in the comfort of your own home. You can also get to know your potential date before travelling long distances to meet her. Of course you have to be on your guard as there are plenty of scammers posting fake profiles, despite any screening processes that may be in place.

One way to avoid scammers is not to state your material possessions, such as how much money you are earning, or the large house and nice car you may own. Generally speaking Russian women are more concerned about a guy’s personality and the connection they may have together. They value a warm personality and caring nature above material possessions. The only women you may attract by revealing how much you earn are those with undesirable intentions.

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A little bit about Russian women.

Many modern Russian women are well educated, loyal and caring. Old fashioned values are important to them, and they are very family orientated. It’s usual for a woman to live with her parents until she is married, and it’s important that her family like and accept you.

If you marry a Russian girl you are taking on the whole family as well. Older generations rarely speak any English and if you are serious about your date it’s a good idea to study the language and culture.

Younger generations are taught English at school, so you shouldn’t have too many problems communicating with each other, however there will come a time when you phone your Russian date and her mum or dad answers. It’s polite to say hello and if possible ask how they are in Russian. Of course you may not understand what they are saying but they will be impressed as you’ve taken the trouble to learn a little bit of their language.

Why are Russian women looking for western men?

Most Russians prefer to marry and settle down in their own country and with their own country folk, however many younger women want to learn the language and culture of other countries. They see western men as being kind and caring. Russian men on the other hand have a reputation for being chauvinistic. Women are expected to do all the household chores as well as look after the children, and bring home a pay cheque. It’s not unheard of for Russian men to chase after other women and drink excessively. Western men on the other hand are generally seen as being modern thinking and willing to participate in household chores.

One thing to bear in mind is that there is a culture gap between America and Europe and it has been said that Russian women feel more in tune with a European guy as the culture is more similar to that of Russia than America. It’s also a lot nearer for them to travel to. However if you are American don’t let that put you off. You may well meet a beautiful and loving Russian girl who is just looking for a guy like you. Russian ladies find American and British men very attractive as in general they are far more polite and well mannered than their own men folk.

Why look for a Russian bride?

Russian women are vastly different in many ways. Firstly they put a lot of effort into appearance and it’s unusual to find a Russian woman who lets herself go as she gets older. Right from a young age they are encouraged to take care of themselves and this continues right through their lives. Western culture has changed over the decades and women are now expected to fulfill many roles. Many choose to focus on their career and this can put a strain on family life leaving some men feeling as if they aren’t needed.

Russian women are raised to be good wives and mothers. Their values are based on family and working together. To a Russian girl a perfect man would be someone who provides for her and the family. He would be the main decision maker and take care of her. Of course not all Russian ladies are the same but in general you can expect a loving and loyal wife if you treat her well.

What to look out for!

Be very cautious when looking for a Russian bride. Make sure you talk to her on the phone and spend time getting to know her and her family. There are many Eastern women who only want to marry a westerner for the purpose of gaining entry into America or the UK. Take time to develop the relationship. Long distance relationships can work well if you invest the time and money. You will need to travel to meet her and her family and spend time getting to know them and their culture. Before you travel to Russia you should take the time to learn the language. You could join a language class at your local college, or alternatively sign up to an online Russian language course. The latter may be better for you as you can learn at your own pace.

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