The Best Way To Meet Women

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guy meeting women in a barDo you find it hard to meet women? Do you get anxious about approaching women and getting a date? What is the best way to meet women?

Well you can meet single women in everyday life whether you are in a bar, supermarket, dry cleaners, bank, in the park, or even sitting outside a cafe. However approaching a women without her thinking you are hitting on her, or about to steal her purse takes a bit of thought…

Meeting women in bars

Most women are wary of meeting men in bars and singles clubs and their guard is up. Most women are tired of being hit on by desperate guys with only one thing on their mind.

Women love men who can make them laugh. Look around you and try and find something funny to comment on. Maybe a girl has a really bad hair day! Or maybe a guy just fell off a bar stool while trying to eye up a hot looking woman! (only laugh if he’s not badly hurt though!)
How do you know which women you should approach?

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Firstly what type of girl are you looking for? Are you looking for a good time party girl? Are you looking for a quiet, serious girl? Or how about a girl who loves animals?

Well firstly you won’t know the answer to these questions unless you ask her. However you can find out plenty of information about her without sounding as if you’re trying to interview her for a job!

Of course you are more likely to find a quiet girl in a library or coffee shop than you are hanging around in a bar, however she may be with a couple of mates who dragged her along with them for a fun evening out.

Make up a funny story about your dog or cat, and get her laughing. You could then ask if her dog or cat has ever done that. If she seems keen on chatting about funny animal stories and talks about her pet then you know she loves animals. Always keep the conversation light, and try and think of unique answers to any questions she asks you. Don’t come across as just another average boring guy who is only interested in one thing.

How to approach women in public places

You may see a hot looking girl in a supermarket or waiting in a queue at the bank. She’s on her own and you don’t want to let her disappear from your life forever without saying something to her. It can take a lot of courage to approach a women in public. You fear embaressment and being laughed at by other people as well as rejection. However if you let a fear of failure stop you from doing things you will never grow and you will miss out on so many opportunities. Just follow a few simple rules and practice!


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Don’t just hit on her as she will be very defensive and you won’t get very far. Think of something fun to say and smile as you say it. Comment on how long the queue is, then say something funny about it. Your body language and tone of voice are crucial if you’re in with a chance of making a connection with her. A little bit of flirting done the right way can help.

Always make sure you end the conversation first, and don’t give off needy or desperate signals. If the conversation goes well and she doesn’t run off then try asking for her email address or phone number. Don’t be afraid of rejection as it’s a part of life, however if you don’t ask then you will never know. Many couples have met by chance, such as outside a cafe and then gone on to enjoy a long term relationship and marriage.

How to approach women in the gym

Meeting women in the gym is a great idea if you’re a single guy. You will find hot looking and very fit girls in a gym, and there is no pressure on asking her out on a date as there would be in a bar or club environment. Approaching a woman in a gym is best done in a very casual manner with absolutely no sexual overtones.

Hot women are used to being hit on in the gym by guys, so be vary careful how you approach her. Start by smiling and just saying “hi” Do this for a while each time you see her at the gym and don’t push it any further. After a time you could make light conversation but be wary of touching her as she will feel very uncomfortable about that. Remember to look at her eyes when talking and not at her chest! It doesn’t matter how fit she looks. She will know immediately what your intentions are!

Meeting women online

Meeting women online is easier than you think. Most guys approach women in the same way online and get very few responses. Be original and don’t use the same cheesy chat up lines that 90% of guys use online. It’s exactly the same as in the real world. You wouldn’t go up to a woman and say “hi what’s up” or “hi babe you’re cute” Think outside of the box and be original.



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