The Truth About Love Readings-Can They Really Predict Your Future?

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psychic crystal ballLove readings are one of the most popular types of psychic reading. You can get astrological, tarot, numerology, psychic and spiritual readings. Some psychics work with crystals, angel cards and tarot, others use a mix of astrology and tarot. Most people are looking for answers to either their love life or their career.

So can a love reading predict your future?

The answer is yes they can see how your life will develop in the near future, usually within a 4 to 5 year time frame. they can see different pathways that will open up for you and where you will meet your soul mate, however it’s up to you to take the advice given and go to the type of places suggested in the reading. Your soul mate won’t just come knocking on your door!

A good psychic may be able to forecast an outcome to a break up, however do bear in mind that we all have free will. You still have to do some work to make it happen. For example your psychic may suggest that your ex is still in love with you, but you need a complete break for him or her to realise just what they are missing! If you don’t take the advice given then it may take an awful lot longer for you both to get back together.

How psychics work

Psychics work by picking up on your energy or aura, and that of your loved ones. All living things are surrounded by energy. This energy field changes depending on your state of health and your emotions. A good psychic may be able to sense if your ex still has feelings for you, and offer guidance as to the actions you should take.

Yes a psychic may be able to predict the future of your love live, but you still need to act on the advice give in your reading.

Psychics work with their spirit guides who are able to connect with your loved ones that have passed over to the other side. Psychics often use crystals during a reading, and each one has a different energy and meaning. Just like tarot cards they can be used to read your present, past and future.

How to spot a fake psychic

Just as in any profession or trade, you will get scammers and fakes in the psychic world. These fakes will take your money and attempt to cold read you. Admittedly this is much harder over the phone as they can’t see your body language, however they will ask you some very probing questions. If you suspect that your psychic isn’t genuine, my advice is to end the call immediately.

Do some research

keen psychic readingThe internet gives you plenty of scope for research, and with many of the big psychic websites you can browse profiles, feedback from customers, and some even have a star rating. Picking a psychic at random off the internet is a gamble and not something I would advise. Sites like Keen and psychic source vet any psychic that they allow on their site. However you still need to be careful and take your time researching before you take the plunge and book your love reading. Read my keen psychic review  to find out more about the site and what it can offer you.

You could also decide to visit a local psychic medium in your area. My advice would be to either go by recommendation, or visit your local spiritualist church and get names of qualified mediums. Some people prefer a face to face reading, while others are happier in the comfort of their own home, and talking to their psychic on the phone.

Phone or email? Plus don’t get addicted!

If this is your first reading and you are very nervous you may prefer to do it by email. It’s not necessary for anyone to be present physically or for their voice to be heard during a reading in order for energies to connect with the psychic.

healing-handsYou also have the added benefit of having everything written down so that you can refer back to it whenever you want. One word of warning, don’t get addicted! There are some people who are not satisfied with their reading and won’t accept the outcome predicted. As a result they go from one psychic to another hoping for a different result! Some people won’t make any life changes unless they consult a psychic first and become very reliant.

Preparing for your love reading

Once you have booked your appointment you need to start thinking about the questions you want answers to. A good psychic will pick up on your questions and be able to provide some answers. If you have booked a phone reading make sure that you are undisturbed and switch off all other phones, tvs and laptops so that you aren’t distracted. Keep a pen and notepad next to you so that you can jot down all important points before you forget them. Some psychics may record the call and send you a cd, but most don’t. It’s natural to get excited during a love reading, but don’t make the mistake of giving too much information away. It’s the psychic’s job to give you the information you need. Just let them do the talking and don’t interrupt unless they ask you something.

After your love reading

After your reading you need to take some time to reflect on what you have been told. Expand on the notes you took during the reading and make sure that you act on any advice given. Keep a diary and note any progress on your actions. Food for thought is that if you have been told that something good is going to happen in the near future and you focus on this thought, you will attract positive energy. Believing and acting as if something has already happened can help to manifest it.

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