Top Tips For Senior Citizen Dating

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senior citizen datingAs we age it can become harder to meet new people. When you are in your twenties and thirties dating is much easier. You meet new people through friends and work colleagues.¬†However once you are over the age of 60 it becomes much harder to widen your social circle and find single men or women to date. If you are divorced or widowed it doesn’t have to mean lonely nights in front of the tv. Far from it!

Get active!

Older people are more active than their parents generation and just because you are over a certain age doesn’t mean that life is over. Why not get together with a friend and join a bridge club. You could always take up bowls, golf, dancing or even painting. You are certain to make new friends and many of whom may be in your age group. Why not treat yourself to a vacation. There are many holiday companies that cater for senior singles.

With the growing popularity of Internet dating it’s never been easier to meet like minded friends in your age group with same or similar interests. You can browse member’s profiles in the comfort of your own home and get to know potential dates first before you meet them. The old stigma of online dating has long gone. It’s now a mainstream way of meeting people and there are plenty of senior citizen dating sites to choose from.

Free or paid?

Be wary though of free dating sites as you are more likely to find fake profiles and scammers. Paying even a small monthly fee usually deters undesirables from joining and members are often vetted. You normally get better customer support and a greater chance of finding your ideal companion.

Dating for seniors can seem daunting especially if you have been married for many years and now face life alone. You may not have dated another man or woman for many decades, and you worry that your dating skills are rusty. My advice is to stop worrying and relax. The chances are that other members you find on dating websites for seniors are also experiencing the same fears and anxieties.

Dating etiquette…

If you are a man you may be wondering if etiquette has changed and if women still expect you to open car doors for them and pay for dinner and drinks in a restaurant or bar. Many senior women today are far more independent than of previous generations and many have held down good jobs and are on a good pension. Having said that it’s still polite for a man to pay on the first date, and opening doors is still much appreciated. Don’t be surprised though if a woman insists on paying her way. Senior citizen dating for men may seem daunting but there really is no need to worry.

Going back into the dating scene if you are an older woman can make you worry that a man may not find you attractive anymore. You may have put on a few pounds over the years and gained a few wrinkles, but you can still look stunning.

If you are a woman who is trying senior citizen dating for the first time you may be concerned at meeting new men online. What will he be like? Is it safe? No matter how old you are when you meet a guy for the first time you are strongly advised to meet in a public place. He may sound the perfect gentleman on the phone and his photo looks wonderful, however you must always take care in the early stages of dating. Just as when you were dating in your teens and twenties the same rules apply. Tell a friend where you are going and make sure you have your mobile phone with you.

Give yourself a makeover!

Give yourself a makeover and get a close friend to give you some advice. If you have been on your own for a while you may have neglected your wardrobe and got out of the habit of regular trips to the hairdresser. Get a friend to go shopping with you and treat yourself to a couple of new outfits. Casual but smart is a good idea for dating.

Revamp your look by giving yourself a flattering new hairstyle, and experiment with make up. If you always wear the same colour lipstick or eyeshadow try something new. If you have gained weight, join your local weightwatchers group, or take up exercise. Just a 20 minute walk each day can help burn calories as well as improve skin tone and boost your wellbeing. You will feel so much more confident when you start dating.

No need to be lonely..

No matter how old you are loneliness and social isolation can cause depression and other mental health issues. Grown up children may not live near you and have their own families to look after. You may feel that you will never want to get married again after your beloved husband or wife passed away, or that you are too old to bother with dating anymore. However just having a companion in your life who you can meet up with for the occasional trip to the theatre or meal out can be a real boost. Why not give senior citizen dating a try and take a look at a few of the many online dating sites. You may be surprised at the number of lonely people in your area just looking for a bit of friendship and romance in their older years.

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