What Is The Best Way To Attract Women?

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attracting womenLots of guys would love to know what is the best way to attract women. Why is it that some guys seem to attract women like a magnet, and others have no luck at all. It’s not always down to looks and money.

Women love guys who make them laugh

Women like a guy who is fun to be with and makes her laugh. Don’t focus on pulling all those cute chicks at the bar, or worry about what you’re going to say. Instead focus on having a good time. Laugh and joke with your mates and you will find that women will be naturally drawn to you.

Your energy will be lighter as you won’t be thinking about how to ask a woman out or how to get her phone number. Just this small shift in thinking can make a massive difference to the way women see you and your results in attracting them.

Smiling is very attractive and will make you seem open and friendly. It has to be a genuine smile though. Practice smiling at strangers and you will notice how they automatically smile back. Feeling good about yourself and

Using body language to attract women

how to attract womenYou may be well dressed and have the looks many men envy, but if you want to boost your chances of attracting women you need to be aware of your body language.

Standing with your arms crossed can make you look defensive, and looking down at your feet can make you seem unconfident. Taking up plenty of space can give the impression of confidence and being in control. Women find this very attractive.

Does it help if you’re muscular?

Lots of women like a guy to be muscular and fit. It shows him to be able to protect and take care of her. Of course this isn’t a hard and fast rule, but keeping yourself in shape and healthy will certainly make you attractive. If you’re a bit overweight join a local gym and shed those pounds by combining exercise and a healthy diet.

How to dress to attract women

find your look that sets you apart from other men. Develop a sense of style. Don’t be afraid to experiement. think about the type of woman you are trying to attract. even if you can’t afford designer names such as gucci you can find equivalent in most high street stores.

Dress casual and wear jeans and a shirt unbuttoned at the top to appear informal and approachable. Smart suits and ties are fine for formal occasions, taking a girl out to a smart restaurant or club.

Build your self confidence

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look confident and walk with your shoulders back and head held high. Develop a sense of self worth. women are drawn to men with a bit of spark and ambition in life. Something that sets them apart from the masses.

Read self development books , and you will realise that anything is possible if you believe in yourself. Many people have limiting self beliefs laid down by well meaning family and friends, and many of them go back to childhood.

Take up new interests and broaden your horizons. Find something you feel passionate about and spend time on it. It could be anything from music, painting, travel, reading or some type of sport. The more interests you have the more you will have to talk about with women, and the more confident you’ll become.

It’s an evolutionary thing as to why women are attracted to high status males. Thousands of years ago it was beneficial for a female to mate with a confident and high status male. She would benefit from greater protection for herself and her children, plus his dominant genes would be passed on to her offspring.

In today’s modern world this natural selection is still apparent. You don’t have to have a high status job or be very wealthy to attract women. Just having a sense of self worth and feeling confident can give the illusion of being high status.

Smells that attract women

cologne perfume for menWomen are more sensitive to scents than men since they have more smell receptors. Some scents including citrus, vanilla and musk are a few examples of scents that may be attractive to women. Of course smells are very much a personal preference, and what one woman may find really attractive and sexy another may dislike.

Do pheromones really attract women?

All animals secret pheromones to attract a mate. Each species has it’s own type of pheromone. They are subconscious sexual signals designed to attract a mate.

Women are more sensitive to pheromones during ovulation when she has a greater chance of conceiving. This is a natural scent produced by the body and unless you want to stop washing which certainly won’t attract women, your natural body scents will be washed away with scented soaps and deodorants.

Not many women would would want to be near a guy who hasn’t washed and doesn’t use a deodorant! You can however buy pheromone sprays designed to attract the opposite sex. You could be wasting your money and there is no scientific evidence to suggest that such sprays would work.

Be a good listener

If you want to attract women being a good listener will set you appart from the others. Taking a genuine interest in what she has to say and not interupting will make you seem considerate and caring. Talking about yourself all the time, or looking around the room while she is talking and not concentrating is the fastest way to drive a woman away.



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